We Paint Social


“Last night was just like many others I’ve experienced with We Paint Social gals, Emily and Amy Ashman. It’s been a stressful day and nothing is more appealing than crawling into my bed with a book. Instead, my aunt and I drive over to a local tavern and immediately my spirits are given a boost as I hear the laughter of the friends inside. I’m greeted by one of the smiling sisters and we are seated at a small table with two other women. With a glass of wine and fresh veggies, I’m invigorated and excited to start my canvas. It’s like grade-school art again with my best friend! My aunt and I shed our troubles of the day and smile brightly, complementing each other on our “mini masterpieces.” We’ve already made fast friends with the pair at our table and their interpretations of the “inspiration piece” are so interesting and different from ours! It’s time to go just as soon as it starts, it seems, and we’re given a lovely purple gift bag in which our new art is transported home without getting paint anywhere on the car. We Paint Social is an opportunity to laugh, meet new friends, become inspired by newfound talents, and release the stress of the day better than any mani/pedi or gym. The art you create and keep is just a bonus!”

Chris Kearney

  • “I was coming up short on original birthday ideas for my girlfriend this year. When I saw the Facebook advertisement for the We Paint Social owl painting, I knew that she would really enjoy that. She loves owls! I mean really who wouldn’t? Everyone knows that owls are cool. They have huge talons and can swoop down and fly off with snakes or mice or small cats and stuff. They can even spin their heads around like that kid from the Exorcist! When we arrived at the event at Slaters, we were impressed with the setup. Everyone got an easel, canvas, paints, brushes and anything they would need for the project. Amy led the class, making her own version of the owl step by step. It sort of reminded me of when I was kid watching that dude with the afro from TV with his “magic brush”. After each step Amy and Emilywalked around and answered any questions and provided help. They even told us which paints to mix to make the colors needed and were always making sure everyone had plenty of paint. They were really open to customizations people wanted to make to their painting to make them unique. About ½ ways through the class it occurred to me that while owls are cool, narwhals are much cooler. They are the unicorns of the sea and if you have ever seen a narwhal battle an owl, the narwhal always wins. Even with one flipper behind its back a narwhal can totally take an owl. So I changed my painting to what I decided would be called a Narwhowl. (Patent Pending). “
  • -Jeff Beck